Expert Vet On Raw Feeding Your Pet Raw Food

By | April 7, 2022

Dr. Brendan Clarke discusses why feeding Raw is the best and most appropriate choice for both cats and dogs. This biological appropriate diet can have a significant impact on both the behaviour and health of your pet.

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Raw dog food is a great way to increase your pet’s health. It’s a healthy choice for dogs with a variety of health problems, including food allergies. It can also help your pet with digestive issues. While switching to a raw diet can seem like a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple and comes with many advantages.

Raw meats and vegetables are an excellent source of protein and vitamins for your dog. The meats you choose should be as lean as possible, with about 10% fat or less. Raw meats are also rich in hormones and enzymes. Large bones should be avoided, as they can get stuck in the digestive system. The liver is also a good source of vitamins and protein.

A homemade raw dog food recipe can be a simple way to add nutrients to your pet’s diet. You can use a variety of raw chicken, vegetables, and a vegetable mix. Some of these meats can be frozen, making them convenient to use throughout the year. However, you should be cautious when feeding liver and organs to your pet. These organs can contain dangerous bacteria, so they should be boiled to protect your dog’s health.

Another benefit of a raw diet for dogs is that it doesn’t contain any pathogens or contaminants. The ingredients in raw dog food are USDA-sourced. The USDA has set nutritional guidelines for this type of diet. With the help of a veterinary nutritionist, BARF World’s formulas are created according to the USDA’s safe food handling guidelines. These formulas are easy to use and don’t require you to measure ingredients or chop or grind them yourself.

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