How To Speak To Your Vet About Raw

By | January 21, 2022

Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to empower you with the facts you need to know and discussions to have with your vet if you have made the decision to feed your dog or cat raw.. Whilst more vets across the UK understand the clear benefits of feeding raw, some are still hesitant to recommend it.

Most vets have been taught to focus on medicine over nutrition. This is one of the reasons that the magic of raw feeding is often under-appreciated in the veterinary industry.

But, as Brendan says, “nutrition is the first step to health.” Prevention should always take precedence over cure. Build a bridge with your vet to help them open their eyes to this fact. After all, your vet only wants the best for your pet. Just like we all do. This episode will give you the understanding in how to speak to your vet about raw.

00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Reading materials for your vet
01:18 – Almost ingrained into vets early on
02:16 – Open up with your vet
03:57 – Discussion points for you and your vet
06:16 – Taurine and Vitamin D
08:07 – Using minimal risk
10:42 – Blood

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A raw dog food recipe can be made from a variety of different ingredients, including meat, offal, and vegetables. Although some dogs are not keen on vegetables, they’re a good source of essential nutrients. Raw bones also help stimulate saliva production, which helps keep plaque at bay. In addition, the high level of nutrients in meat and bone meal can prevent a dog from developing dental disease.

When preparing a homemade raw dog food recipe, be sure to follow AAFCO guidelines. This organization regulates the nutritional value of commercial dog foods, and they define the elements that are essential for your dog’s health. These include proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. You should also consider the size and weight of your dog when calculating the proportions of each component. In general, a raw dog food recipe should contain around 80 percent of muscle meat, 10% bone, and 10% organs, including half of the liver.

Another option for those who want a specialized raw dog food recipe is the popular Instinct brand. The company has several recipes to choose from and several base proteins, including chicken, turkey, and lamb. The company uses a cold-pressure process to preserve the freshness of its ingredients and avoid pathogens. The patties can be frozen or thawed. You should keep in mind, however, that thawing the patties may take a while.

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